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About Me ~ How It All Got Started


Thank you for visiting Bedazzle Lash Bar. My name is Star, and I am super excited to be your Licensed Esthetician and Certified Lash Artist servicing Conyers, Georgia and Surrounding Areas. In 2017, I painfully discovered that my retina (a layer of tissue in the back of your eye that senses light and sends images to your brain) had detached. I encountered extreme pain for several months, attended countless doctor appointments and underwent several procedures all before being told that my only option was to have my eye removed. I was devastated. I could not believe the information I had received. Who wants to have an eye removed? Definitely not me. But after many conversations with my doctor, my husband and family, having the surgery would ultimately make me feel a whole lot better and continue to live a healthy, normal life. I underwent a surgical procedure called an evisceration in which the contents of my right eye were removed. I was scared, felt insecure and unattractive, asked several times "why me" and struggled with the idea of having a major organ removed. Recovery was lengthy and I knew that being in a constant blah was not healthy for my relationships with my family, friends and the world. I would look in the mirror and see someone who looked different, who felt like the world would not understand my new look, but I was determined to not let the devil still my joy, my confidence nor tear down my relationships with the people that meant everything to me. So, I took a look in the mirror a second time and said....." Star! You are beautiful. You are loved.  You are the ISHH and You GOT THIS!  From that day forward, I have not looked back. I felt like I needed something to take the focus off of my eye, so I gravitated to eyelash extensions. Instead of someone asking " what happened to your eye?" They would see my stunning eyelash extensions and say, "Your lashes are really nice!" I started to regain my confidence and decided to be an inspiration to millions of people that are battling mental health, depression, insecurities and low self-esteem. Bedazzle Lash Bar was established to provide a safe and fun environment to women, men and teens. Bedazzle Lash Bar is a place of comfort where spirits are lifted, where everyone is beautiful, and where our services make everyone feel good about who they are. Our services are intended to not make you beautiful but rather enhance your existing beauty. We all struggle with imperfections, whether we care to admit it or not. At Bedazzle Lash Bar, we don't see them, we embrace them, we share them, and we live with them. As they are who we see each and every day, they are the sparkle that allows us to be different, our true Beauty. I challenge you to embrace your imperfections because you are beautiful, you are loved, you are the ISHH! You GOT THIS!

Yours truly, 

Star ~ Licensed Esthetician / Certified Lash Artist


"Lashes Make Everything Better"

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