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  Individual Clusters
Eyelash Extensions

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Individual Cluster Eyelashes are premade fans with multiple eyelashes on them as you can see in the pictures shown to the left and right of this paragraph. The problem with most cluster eyelash extensions is that they are applied to multiple eyelashes at once and the bases are usually bulky from the adhesive that bonds them together, which causes follicle tension. Since our natural eyelashes grow at different stages, the tension from the cluster can cause premature hair loss. This can lead to a type pf permanent hair loss called Traction Alopecia if done repeatedly. Individual Cluster Eyelashes require the use of double the amount of adhesive that is typically required when applying Extensions, which makes the base more clumpy and weighted. At Bedazzle Lash Bar, we make every attempt to apply Individual Cluster Eyelashes with just enough adhesive to accommodate your desired needs and wants while leaving you with a fierce and natural appearance. 


Eyelash Extensions are applied to enhance the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. If applied correctly and properly, lash extensions do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. However, please do not pull on the extensions or rub your eyes as this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes. There are three types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Size variations range from 6mm to 25mm. Once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time using a semi -permanent glue that will rarely irritate the eye or damage the natural lash. Aside from the impact on your appearance, eyelash extensions actually compliment your natural lashes . Unlike mascara that can make your lashes brittle and weak, eyelash extensions act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier. 

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